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Set up a refrigerator production line

 As many business traders are importing the home appliances from other country,by years of experience and sales increasing,they have a dream to set up their own production line.

The advantage of with own production will be :
Saving lot in the sea freight,import duty,flexible delivery time to customers,and their own idea can be delivered to the products.

What hold them to start their own production?
Lack of skilled workers
No knowledge of manage the factory
Do not know how to start the production plan

To be started a factory,usually need to consider and check if they have clear picture below:
What product I want to produce?
What capacity of the production at the beginning ,and in 5 years,what number will be reached?

Example of a refrigerator production line
Below points need to be considered
1.CKD or SKD way
   SKD:semi knocked down production,most parts were produced and assembled already,on the production line will be done simple assembly.
   This way usually works for the low investment and few production quantity
   CKD:Complete knocked down production
   Refrigerator factory will cover the production of metal parts process- cabinet shell,door shell and other metal parts,plastic parts- big parts door frame,handle,drawer(injection mould and machine investment),inner cabinet liner,door liner(thermoforming mould and thermoforming machine investment),PU foaming process(foaming mould and foaming machine/line),assembly line(assembly,welding,vacuuming line/machine,refrigerant charging,safety testing,performance testing and performance testing),Packing.
2.Production capacity every day at the beginning
3. Product range:defrost or no frost,what capacity range,refrigerant,and special design
4. What square of the workshop already have or new built
5. What budget will be set
6. 5 years development plan
7. Machine level want to be used,high performance or middle level or economy type

With above ideas,our team can give suitable proposal including the main machine list, product development moulds if need, service of product design,workers training.